Upcoming Events at The Fountains!

September 11 - JUSTA Lunch service

September 14 - DSW Conference Special Session

September 20 - Justa Center Golf Tournament

September 15 - 9/11 Food Collection

September 20 - JUSTA Golf Tournament

September 21 - UMOM Flip Flop Walk

September 21 - Lura Turner Homes Golf Tourney

October 3 - The Fountains Book Club Meeting

October 9 - Annual SPRC and Congregation Meeting with Susan Brims

October 12 - Bud Fischer Memorial

At The Fountains, our purpose is simple: to connect with the Spirit and serve others with thought-provoking openness and honesty. If you value Biblical integrity and celebrating the joy and hope that comes with embracing your authentic spirituality, you'll be among friends at The Fountains. Together we reach, touch, and teach by living and sharing the stories of Jesus!

Join us as we celebrate our faith every Sunday at the corner of Fountain Hills Boulevard and Glenbrook in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Here at The Fountains our hearts, our minds, and our doors are always open.


The Fountains is a Reconciling Church