Freedom from Rigid Creeds

The Methodist movement has never been a “creedal” movement. In fact, when founder John Wesley distilled the 25 Methodist articles of religion from the original 39 Anglican articles of religion, he intentionally removed Article XIII, “On the Creeds.” Wesley made the following statement in a sermon in Glasgow:

“There is no other religious society under Heaven which requires nothing of men in order to assure their admission into it but a desire to save their souls. Look all around you; you cannot be admitted into the Church, or Society of the Presbyterian, Anabaptists, Quakers, or any other unless you hold the same opinion with them, and adhere to the same mode of worship. The Methodists alone do not insist on your holding this or that opinion; but they think and let think. Neither do they impose any particular mode of worship; but you may continue to worship to your former manner; be it what it may. Now, I do not know any other religious society, either ancient or modern, wherein such liberty of conscience is now allowed, or has been allowed, since the age of the Apostles. Here is our glorying; and a glorying peculiar to us. What Society shares it with us?”

— from “Meet The Methodists” by Charles L. Allen, Abingdon Press, pg. 41