The Longest Night

Friday, December 21, 2012 at 7 pm

Fountain Hills Presbyterian, 13001 N Fountain Hills Blvd.

The sights, sounds and joy of the holiday season can heighten the loneliness of someone anticipating a difficult holiday time.

While for most of us holidays are a time of joy, for some of us it  can be a time of great pain. It may be the first family event or holiday after a loved one’s death, a divorce, the loss of a job, or  some other life changing event. Or it may be a time that was and  is always difficult. Christmas, Chanukah, Hjrah or just a sadness in your soul – come, rest.

For those of us who feel pain everyday, during the holiday season, the ever-present signs and sound of the season serve as constant reminders of what we have lost, never had and may or will not regain. These signs joyful as they may be for some may heighten our feelings of estrangement from others and in particular from our faith and peace.

As the days shorten, and the outward signs of the holiday heighten, we may need a break — a time and space – a safe place to acknowledge our sadness and concern. We may need to know that we are not alone.

On Friday, December 21, at 7:00 p.m. a special ‘Longest Night’ service to acknowledge that God’s presence is for those who mourn and for those who struggle at this time. This gathering is  offered to one and all and will include prayers, poems, scripture, music  and a message of  hope. Everyone, regardless of church background (or lack of it) is invited. You will be able to light a candle in the dark or sit quietly in your own reflection together with kindred souls. It is an Interfaith and non-denomination service.

The Annual ‘ Longest Night’ service is part of the Stephen Ministry program in Fountain Hills.