Uppity Women of the Bible Series: RUTH

Ruth Graphic 2013Loyalty and bitterness. Courage in the face of poverty. And let’s not forget seduction. It’s got everything you need for a dramatic story – especially the intelligent, confident – even uppity – heroine, Ruth. Based on Rev. Dr. Lisa Wolfe’s engaging Living the Questions study, this four week series will take you on an eye-opening journey through the Book of Ruth.

Combining careful scholarship, humor, drama, and applications for real life, join Pastor David Felten as we explore the story of Ruth and what it means for today, including the struggles of the vulnerable in our society, the plight of immigrants and refugees, and our moral obligation to heal the world (not to mention what really happened on the threshing room floor…).

Ruth in Four Acts:

  • Aug. 25th           1. An Unlikely Duo  (Ruth 1)
  • Sept. 1st              2. In Case of Emergency (Ruth 2)
  • Sept. 8th             3. The Threshing Room Floor (Ruth 3)
  • Sept. 15th           4. Know Ruth. Know Jesus. (…and no Ruth, no Jesus!)  (Ruth 4)

The Ruth stained glass graphic (by artist DAVID ASCALON) is the property of Congregation Beth Emeth (CBE). Used by permission.