REEL FAITH: “Jesus Camp” on September 13th

jesus-campJoin us after church on Sunday for our Brown Bag Movie featuring the documentary, Jesus CampBring a brown bag lunch and we’ll provide the drinks. The 1.5 hour long film will begin at 11am, followed by discussion.

Calling Jesus Camp a both “scary and edifying documentary,” Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat say, “The importance of Jesus Camp cannot be emphasized enough for it reveals as no other film has done the breadth and depth of the culture war that is going on in America.”

An Academy Award-nominated documentary, Jesus Camp follows the experiences of three children attending “Kids on Fire School of Ministry,” a charismatic summer camp for fundamentalist Christian kids.

For anyone who has wondered how Christians can have such differing opinions on so many issues, this important film is one way to get a handle on the phenomenon by documenting the beliefs of a very particular (and extreme) expression of Christianity. This often shocking documentary will generate much discussion. Don’t miss it!