Cross Current Youth Hits the Road for Fall Break!

7 11 Fall Break Scavenger Hunt 2015

Fall Break Scavenger Hunt!

It’s Fall Break next week in Fountain Hills and other school districts ’round about these here parts. Since that puts a lot of our youth on the road “over the hill and through the woods” to family and vacations here and there, Cross Current is hitting the road, too!

CLICK HERE to download our first annual 7/11 Fall Break Scavenger Hunt!  

Complete 7 out of the 11 acts of kindness or service on the list and you’ll receive a Starbucks gift card (not to mention all the good vibes). Photographic evidence is a plus. Post your pics to our Cross Current Facebook page. (CLICK HERE) 

To collect your gift card, sign your list and turn it in at church. Yes, parents are welcome to do fill out their own sheet (but they have to do their own seven items!!).