“Living the Questions” Study for Progressive Christians  

LtQ Blue BannerIt’s back! The study that launched a thousand OpEd pieces (and at least 48 “Fact or Fiction” sermons last summer!)! “Invitation to Journey,” the first module of the popular DVD course “Living the Questions 2.0,” will be offered at The Fountains beginning Thursday evening, February 18th at 6:30 and will continue for seven (7) weeks.

Living the Questions  is a program created by Pastor David and colleague, Rev. Jeff Procter-Murphy as a progressive alternative to the pat answers of the evangelical “Alpha Course.” The DVD series, part of the LtQ catalog now in use by over 6,000 churches around the world, has also been published in book form by HarperOne, San Francisco.

The overall theme is “Invitation to Journey” and includes the topics of Taking the Bible Seriously, Stories of Creation, and the Lives of Jesus. Facilitated by Pastor David, these classes introduce participants to ways of thinking about the Bible, their faith, and how to interact with the world in ways that make sense in the 21st century.

Questions explored include how taking the Bible seriously excludes a belief in the inerrancy (or infallibility) of scripture, how Creationism is not compatible with the Bible, and how embracing the conflicting Gospel portrayals of Jesus actually enriches our understanding of who Jesus was and his relevance for today.

Suggested tuition for this seven (7) week module is $20. Contact the office to register: 480.837.7627. Those who register ahead will receive a participant guide via email or mail so they can prepare for the first session. Many have already completed the second and third modules (Sessions 8 – 14 and 15 — 21) of Living the Questions 2.0. This module circles back to the first flight of the program: Sessions 1 through 7.

Living the Questions 2.0: Invitation to Journey 2016

  • Feb. 18:            1. An Invitation to Journey
  • Feb. 25:            2. Taking the Bible Seriously
  • Mar. 3:             3. Thinking Theologically
  • Mar 10:            4. Stories of Creation
  • Mar 17:             5. Lives of Jesus
  • Mar 24:            BREAK for Maundy Thursday
  • Mar 31:             6. A Passion for Christ: Paul
  • April 7:             7. Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christians

Join us and plan for stimulating input, great conversation, and a liberating view of Christianity.  Childcare is available upon request – call the office (480.837.7627).