Abrahamic Panel to Promote Civil Dialogue

Abrahamic Panel  2016The Fountain Hills Interfaith Alliance is partnering with Muslim, Jewish, and Christian religious leaders to host a community forum on the three Abrahamic religions, Tuesday night, February 23rd at 7pm. The forum will be at The Fountains. The purpose of the panel discussion (consisting of an Imam, a Rabbi, and a Christian pastor) is to promote greater understanding of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity within our particular faith communities and in the community at large. The evening will include input from each faith leader and a Q&A session to engage the audience in conversation.

There is no charge for this event.

The panel will include Imam Sabahudin Ceman, Head Imam of the Islamic Association of Bosniaks in North America and Imam of Islamic Center of North Phoenix, Rabbi Helen Cohn, spiritual leader of Congregation M’kor Hayim, a Reform congregation in Tucson, and the Rev. Dr. Vernon Myer, a former Catholic priest who currently serves as a United Church of Christ pastor in Sun Lakes.

The aim of the Fountain Hills Interfaith Alliance is to increase religious literacy and promote mutual respect among people of all different faiths. The Abrahamic panel, acknowledging that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all recognize Abraham as their first prophet, is just one way interfaith dialogue has successfully engaged a wide audience in the important work of dispelling harmful religious stereotypes promulgated by unreliable sources.

Misconceptions about one another’s religions continue to be promoted by those operating out of both ignorance and the desire to further political and religious agendas. As a result, individuals that are uneducated about the various faiths tend to associate negative things with the religions and cultures with which they are unfamiliar. The pattern has repeated itself over and over in American history, from the hatred and exclusion of Irish Catholics, Italians, Germans, and even today, Jews and Muslims.

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As a response to this continued challenge in our culture, the Fountain Hills Interfaith Alliance was formed as a network of local religious leaders and faith groups working towards advancing religious tolerance and respect through conversation, action, and service. People of diverse backgrounds and faiths are encouraged to come to know and respect one another through working together for the common good.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be in conversation with some of the most respected and sought-after religious thinkers in Arizona. Join your Fountain Hills neighbors for a conversation that will help promote religious literacy and civil dialogue. All in the community are welcome and encouraged to attend.