Aging out of Foster Care

fostrcareApproximately one out of every nine youth in foster care are aging out of the system. This represents hundreds of young adults throughout the communities in Arizona, Nevada, and California. These youth have very few resources and few support systems. While there are organizations that are helping, one area where there is no support is move-in costs like filling the pantry with groceries for the first time.


This year’s Annual Conference mission project is to fill these empty pantries with food.Churches are invited to buy $25 gift cards from their local grocery stores and to supply a favorite recipe with each gift card. Young adults aging out of the foster care system moving into their first homes will have their pantries filled with the UMC’s love and perhaps their first dinner will include that favorite recipe. We will work with foster care organizations to set up delivery in our local communities. An organization list for both local and regional drop off points will be published soon.


In the meantime, we know the generous spirit of our churches will begin as we collect recipes and gift cards.Pray for the young people that are aging out of foster care. Pray for the facilities that are supporting them in their journey to become self sufficient. Then give to help stock their pantries.