“The Greatest (or Most Dangerous?) Prayer” Series

greatest prayer coverIn his book, The Greatest Prayer, foremost historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan, bestselling author of Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography (and dozens of other books on Jesus and the New Testament), explores the provocative implications of The Lord’s Prayer, an element of Christianity that is so familiar to people that it is never given any serious attention or thought.

For eight weeks in February and through Lent, Pastor David Felten will guide us through the revolutionary and fascinating ramifications of what many — without much consideration — consider to be a cornerstone of Christianity.

  • Jan. 29th Greatest Prayer #1: Pray Then in This Way
  • Feb. 5th Greatest Prayer #2: Our Father in Heaven
  • Feb. 26th Greatest Prayer #3: Hallowed Be Your Name
  • March 5th LENT 1  Greatest Prayer #4: Your Kingdom Come
  • March 12th LENT 2 Greatest Prayer #5: Your Will Be Done on Earth
  • March 19th LENT 3 Greatest Prayer #6: Give Us Our Daily Bread
  • March 26th LENT 4 Greatest Prayer #7: Forgive Us Our Debts
  • April 2nd LENT 5  Greatest Prayer #8: Lead Us Not into Temptation

For background on John Dominic Crossan, CLICK HERE.