Tai Chi for September GNO

Girls’ Night Out! On Thursday, Sept. 7, you’re invited to start Girl’s Night Out with a little Tai Chi Easy practice led by Nancy Lott.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of stylized, meditative exercise with slow circular and stretching movements. Tai Chi Easy is an approach that makes Tai Chi easy, fun and beneficial right away. It promotes stress relief, balance and mental focus.

Tai Chi Easy can be done sitting or standing – so anyone can enjoy improved vitality and agility that regular practice will provide.

Those who are interested to try Tai Chi Easy can meet at church at 6:00 for a half-hour of gentle movement (street clothes are fine) and then head across the street to The Hills Pizza for food and fellowship.

If you prefer to start your evening at The Hills, we’ll have a table reserved for 6:30.