Kitchen and Nursery Remodel

FountainsUMC-PermitReview-6-08-2017 Page 1&2It’s official! We have a remodeling permit for the church kitchen and nursery! As you know, the Building Team has been hard at work developing plans for our new “Connection Center” and are very near to being able to make a presentation to the congregation.

In the meantime, we’re moving ahead with the first step in our improvement project. Rather than try to squeeze a new kitchen into the new building, the Building Team, Trustees, and Church Council determined that it would be much more space-efficient (AND save tens of thousands of dollars) to remodel our existing Sanctuary kitchen.

CLICK HERE to VIEW PLANS  (also available at church).

The Trustees have taken special care to get input from as many folks as possible and have had the tentative plans on display for the better part of the summer. With the issuing of the Building Permit, we’re ready to start! If you have any questions about the overall project, contact Larry Spade at 480-603-6733.


We begin demolition on Saturday, September 30th, and are organizing two teams through which you can lend a hand:

Pack/Move Team will help the week of September 25th to move everything out of the church kitchen and nursery. The nursery will be meeting in the SPLASH room in the church house during the remodel. Contact DeDe if you’d like to help with this team. 480-837-7627.

Demo/Prep Team will remove kitchen doors, sink, cabinets, drywall, glass window between cry room and sanctuary. Start time of 8AM September 30th. Contact Larry Spade if you’d like to be a part of this team: 480-603-6733.

There are also sign-up sheets at the info tables in the Sanctuary.