Celebrating Darwin’s Birthday & “Evolution Sunday”

Evolution Sunday dino picHundreds of congregations across the country and around the world are marking Sunday, February 11th, as a day to reflect on what it means to balance a religious worldview with the knowledge gained from scientific progress. The Fountains’ annual celebration of Evolution Sunday falls the day before Charles Darwin’s 209th birthday and will include Evolution-themed messages at both the 9am and 11:15 services.

Why Evolution Sunday? Partly because so many people assume that all churches are irrational and “anti-science.” However, the United Methodist denomination officially endorses evolution, stating that “science’s descriptions of cosmological, geological and biological evolution are not in conflict with theology.” United Methodists are also encouraged to actively work to oppose “faith-based theories such as creationism or intelligent design” in public school science curriculums. It may seem strange that a church would oppose such allegedly “faith-based” options, but if you take the Bible seriously (and not literally), neither creationism or intelligent design are actually Biblical.

Pastor David Felten says, “I visited Ken Hamm’s full-sized ark replica in Kentucky this summer and was embarrassed for how foolish these obviously well-intentioned Christians come off. They clearly have no trouble bending both Biblical texts and scientific facts to fit their own pre-conceived fantasies. What they end up with misrepresents both science AND the Bible.”

As our national dialogue continues to include the discrediting of both scientific objectivity and the relevance of religion, it’s all the more important to declare one’s commitment to rational thought. Pastor Felten says, “Denying evolution demands the rejection of both reason and experience — two important guidelines our founder, John Wesley, urged all Methodists to utilize in their everyday lives.”

Scientific discoveries continue to create amazing opportunities to learn and grow and make the world a better place. Evolution Sunday is a day to affirm the work of the Spirit in the process of evolution and embrace the diversity and complexity of life as the gift of an evolving universe.

The Fountains is located at 15300 N Fountain Hills Blvd. in Fountain Hills. Services are on Sunday at 9am and 11:15. For more information, call 480.837.7627.

Mark your calendars: Michael Dowd, theologian and best-selling author of “Thank God for Evolution” will be at The Fountains on April 15th. More details to come!

For more info on Evolution weekend worldwide, CLICK HERE to visit the “Clergy Letter Project” online. The “Clergy Letter Project” is an endeavor designed to demonstrate that religion and science can be compatible and is officially endorsed by the United Methodist Church.