Nogales ARIZONA to Nogales MEXICO–A Borderland Tour

April 6-7, 2018

Travel with others from The Fountains to learn first-hand about immigration and border issues. We are partnering with El Mesias United Methodist in Nogales, Arizona to hear first-hand from those on both sides of the border who are dealing with the complex issues of immigration. Rev. Raul and Maritza Valazquez will be our guides as we explore some of the United Methodist Church’s response to needs along the border.Velasquezduo

Overall cost: $75 (based on double occupancy at the Sonoran Inn and Suites in Nogales, AZ (which includes breakfast) and van transportation for the first 12 people to claim a seat. Additional participants will drive private cars/carpool. We will NOT be driving in Mexico.

Friday afternoon will include input from various speakers involved in ministry on the border. Saturday morning, we will walk across the border (staying together as a group), learn about immigration and relief programs in Nogales, Sonora, and then eat lunch at La Roca (a long-time Nogales favorite), and end with a little time for shopping. Check with your Health Care provider: some prescriptions can be filled at Nogales pharmacies at a fraction of the cost in the US.  


Registration and payment is due by March 25.

Our mission project for this trip is delivering new socks and women’s underwear to deliver directly to El Mesias UMC in Nogales.

For more info, contact DeDe Rudolphy 602-717-5357 or or Pat Jackson 573-443-0147 or


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Registration for Nogales AZ to Nogales MX trip



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