Third Columbarium Unit Completed

The Trustees oversaw installation of a third columbarium unit late August. The Fountains Memorial Garden includes a cross-shaped concrete structure that eventually will hold ten columbaria, with 15 niches in each. Two were installed a decade ago. Homecoming, Inc., manufactures and installs the units.

This from the Columbarium page on The Fountains website, “For centuries, it has been the obligation of the church to serve its congregation from birth to death. As churchyard burial is no longer feasible for most churches, a columbarium provides a natural alternative. Besides the practical advantages of being much more affordable for the average family and being an environmentally sensitive and efficient use of space, it also strengthens the ties between families and their faith community. In addition, columbaria are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices of a final resting place in the United States. Arizona’s cremation rate has gone up to 70% in recent years.”











More information about the columbarium can be found here.  Members of The Fountains and community may purchase niches for themselves and their loved ones by contacting the church office (480-837-7627), Kim Bartman (480-244-7642) or Sharon Shaw Elrod (480-251-2026).