Living the Questions: Invitation to Journey (Session 1-7)

If you’re new to The Fountains, looking to connect with some like-minded fellow Fountains folk, or just wondering what “THAT church” is up to, then Living the Questions 2.0 is for you! The first module of the course will be offered at The Fountains beginning Wednesday morning, Oct. 31st at 10am and will continue for seven (7) weeks (with a break for Thanksgiving).  [NOTE: This is a new, rescheduled starting date from previous announcements.] Each session consists of comprehensive reading material, DVD input from top scholars and teachers, and engaging conversation with your fellow participants. Check out the video trailer below or by clicking HERE.

Living the Questions is a program created by Pastor David and colleague, Rev. Jeff Procter-Murphy as an alternative to the pat answers offered in many other churches. The series aims to help orient people to a more progressive perspective on the spiritual life and share some of the information and ways of thinking that is taught in our seminaries. The overall theme of the first seven sessions is “Invitation to Journey” and includes the topics of Taking the Bible Seriously, Stories of Creation, and the Lives of Jesus.

Suggested tuition for this seven (7) week module is $20. Contact the office to register: 480.837.7627. Those who register ahead will receive a participant guide via email or mail so they can prepare for the first session. Many Fountains folks have already completed the second and third modules (Sessions 8 – 14 and 15 — 21) of Living the Questions 2.0. This module circles back to the first flight of the program (Sessions 1 through 7) and is part of our multi-year rotation of these informative classes.

Living the Questions 2.0: Invitation to Journey    

  • Oct 31st: 1. An Invitation to Journey
  • Nov 7th: 2. Taking the Bible Seriously
  • Nov 14th: 3. Thinking Theologically
  • Nov 21st: BREAK for Thanksgiving
  • Nov 28th: 4. Stories of Creation
  • Dec 5th: 5. Lives of Jesus
  • Dec 12th: 6. A Passion for Christ: Paul
  • Dec 19th: 7. Out into the World: Challenges Facing Progressive Christians

Join us and plan for stimulating input, great conversation, and a liberating view of Christianity. Childcare is available upon request – call the office (480.837.7627).