Kitchen and Nursery Remodel

FountainsUMC-PermitReview-6-08-2017 Page 1&2It’s official! We have a remodeling permit for the church kitchen and nursery! As you know, the Building Team has been hard at work developing plans for our new “Connection Center” and are very near to being able to make a presentation to the congregation.

In the meantime, we’re moving ahead with the first step in our improvement project. Rather than try to squeeze a new kitchen into the new building, the Building Team, Trustees, and Church Council determined that it would be much more space-efficient (AND save tens of thousands of dollars) to remodel our existing Sanctuary kitchen.

CLICK HERE to VIEW PLANS  (also available at church).

The Trustees have taken special care to get input from as many folks as possible and have had the tentative plans on display for the better part of the summer. With the issuing of the Building Permit, we’re ready to start! If you have any questions about the overall project, contact Larry Spade at 480-603-6733.


We begin demolition on Saturday, September 30th, and are organizing two teams through which you can lend a hand:

Pack/Move Team will help the week of September 25th to move everything out of the church kitchen and nursery. The nursery will be meeting in the SPLASH room in the church house during the remodel. Contact DeDe if you’d like to help with this team. 480-837-7627.

Demo/Prep Team will remove kitchen doors, sink, cabinets, drywall, glass window between cry room and sanctuary. Start time of 8AM September 30th. Contact Larry Spade if you’d like to be a part of this team: 480-603-6733.

There are also sign-up sheets at the info tables in the Sanctuary.



Looking for a practical and immediate way to help folks in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey?

Filling flood buckets at The Fountains back in 2013.

Filling flood buckets at The Fountains back in 2013.

Our Mission Moment on Sunday will be about UMCOR’s collection of FLOOD BUCKETS. Ace Hardware has already donated 20 buckets to get us started! The Fountains is asking folks to help collect the individual contents (or $65 cash/check to purchase the supplies). We’ll have the supplies on hand for one bucket on Sunday as an example.

A list of supplies needed for each bucket can be found by clicking this link: Flood Bucket Supplies.

The completed buckets will be gathered together and transported to one of our UMCOR depots for distribution in the disaster area. It may seem like a small thing, but in any crisis, it’s the small things that matter most. You can help offer a ray of hope!

We Are One Vigil at The Fountains

The We Are One Vigil on August 20 attracted over 200 people. The Fountain Hills Times article describes the event well. Click HERE to view the article.

Tai Chi for September GNO

Girls’ Night Out! On Thursday, Sept. 7, you’re invited to start Girl’s Night Out with a little Tai Chi Easy practice led by Nancy Lott.

Tai Chi is an ancient form of stylized, meditative exercise with slow circular and stretching movements. Tai Chi Easy is an approach that makes Tai Chi easy, fun and beneficial right away. It promotes stress relief, balance and mental focus.

Tai Chi Easy can be done sitting or standing – so anyone can enjoy improved vitality and agility that regular practice will provide.

Those who are interested to try Tai Chi Easy can meet at church at 6:00 for a half-hour of gentle movement (street clothes are fine) and then head across the street to The Hills Pizza for food and fellowship.

If you prefer to start your evening at The Hills, we’ll have a table reserved for 6:30.

“We are One” Vigil of Solidarity in Fountain Hills

UNITY FLYERThe whole community is invited to join in response to last weekend’s events in Charlottesville with a candlelight vigil of solidarity at 7pm on Sunday, August 20th. ALL ARE WELCOME: including all races, colors, religions & creeds; non-theists, humanists, & atheists — regardless of national origin, citizenship status, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or disability. Together we will witness to our commitment to the core American values of interdependence, equality, and unity in diversity.

There’ll be live music and brief comments from community leaders and Fountain Hills neighbors. Candles will be provided and plenty of water will be available. Convenient and accessible parking is available on site. Security will also be on site.

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a political or partisan rally. If you plan to bring a sign or other visual expression, we ask that you focus on inspirational and positive messages of unity and equality. Any sign or poster that suggests or alludes to violence of any kind will not be permitted.

The gathering will occur inside the main hall at The Fountains, a United Methodist Church, 15300 N. Fountain Hills Blvd. in Fountain Hills (corner of Fountain Hills Blvd. and Glenbrook).

Look for more info online and share with friends on Social Media with the hashtag #unityfh. For logistical questions, contact De De Rudolphy at 480.837.7627.

Calling All Golfers!



Lura Turner Homes for Adults with Developmental Disabilities is having their 23rd Annual Golf Tournament Saturday, September 23, 2017. The event will be held at Stone Creek Golf Club, 4435 E. Paradise Village Parkway South in Phoenix. Featured guest is Bobby Freeman, Official Organist for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Golfers are urged to sign up now for individual or team reservations.


6-7 am  –  Sign-In, Raffle Tickets & Mulligans for sale, Free Range Balls, Putting Contest & Continental Breakfast (Sponsored by Single United Methodists)

7:30 am – Shotgun Start

Noon   –    Lunch, Raffle Prizes & Awards


Individual Player – $125     Includes 1 player, cart, breakfast, lunch, putting contest & free range balls

Tee Sponsor – $250     Includes tee sign prominently displayed at a selected hole

Corporate Sponsor – $1000     Includes 2 players, cart, tee sign, breakfast, lunch, putting contest & free range balls

Promotion Sponsor – $1500     Includes 4 players, carts, tee sign, breakfast, lunch, putting contest & free range balls

Promotion Sponsor – $3500     Includes logo recognition in all publicity, display at tournament, 8 players, carts, tee sign, breakfast, lunch, putting contest & free range balls

Funds raised will help support the programs and services of the residential homes that care for adults with developmental disabilities. For information, please call Max McQueen, Executive Director of Lura Turner Homes, at 602-943-4789.

Pastor Felten Featured at Chautauqua this Summer

LKSD pavilion-dock-sailing

Pastor David will be featured as the “Preacher of the Week” at Lakeside Chautauqua in Lakeside, Ohio, beginning Sunday, July 30th. Pastor Felten will be in residence to lead discussions, preach, and lead the daily “Faith for Living Hour.” His theme for the week will be “Letting Go of What’s Holding concYou Back: From Finger Painting to the Grand Work of Art.” Felten will explore letting go of some of the traditional bedrock epts of Christianity in favor of deeper and broader understandings of a Christian faith for the 21st century. Specific topics will include “Letting Go of Our Christian Superiority Complex,” “Letting Go of Being Good,” and “Letting Go of Thinking That ‘God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.’” Sunday’s message will be “Letting Go of a Perfect, Error-free Bible.”

The historic Hoover Auditorium seats 3,000 people!

The historic Hoover Auditorium seats 3,000 people!

Felten is a pastor who knows from experience that most adults operate spiritually on the information they were taught in 6th grade Sunday School (the last time most adults were exposed to any intentional religious education) – with disastrous consequences. “If there were any other area in our lives in which we were satisfied with functioning at a 6th grade level, we’d be deemed as pretty irresponsible – except with religion. And somehow it’s OK for people to piously reject anything new in favor of gauzy half-remembered platitudes they absorbed when they were 8 years old,” says Felten.

There are a lot of people who are looking for simple, pat answers in life. That’s fine. But there are also a lot of people seeking more depth, maturity, and integrity in their spiritual journeys. For them, letting go of what’s holding them back is the first step on that journey.

To that end, Felten believes that the most critical need in the church in America today is theological re-education for adults. Not just education, but unlearning and then RE-education. The need to “unlearn” much of what passes for faith today is at the heart of his theme for the week – and at the heart of the spirit of Chautauqua.

Beginning in late 19th century upstate New York, the Chautauqua Movement began as seasonal gatherings that fulfilled people’s intense desire for self-improvement through education. Intended to introduce people to the great ideas, new ideas, and issues of public concern, these summertime programs featured lectures, music, and the visual arts.

At its height, the Chautauqua Movement attracted millions to hear educators, preachers, explorers, travelers, scientists, politicians, and musicians. With its four pillars of Recreation, Arts, Education, and Religion, President Theodore Roosevelt hailed it as “the most American thing in America.” Today, Chautauqua is experiencing a renaissance and Pastor Felten says, “It’s an honor to be a part of this historic and respected movement – and it will be fun to have so many folks from Fountain Hills making the pilgrimage to Ohio to be a part of it, too!”

Rev. Felten is the pastor of The Fountains, a United Methodist Church at 15300 N Fountain Hills Blvd. ( He’s also one of the creators of “Living the Questions” the popular DVD series for Progressive Christians ( and co-author of Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity (HarperOne, 2012).

For more information on the Chautauqua schedule of events, accommodations, and passes, visit

Capital Punishment Questioned in Study with Sister Helen Prejean

Prejean logoIn the shadow of the state-sponsored execution of Jesus on Good Friday, The Fountains United Methodist and New Journey Lutheran (ELCA) are sponsoring the discussion series “Questioning Capital Punishment with Sr. Helen Prejean.” A five-session DVD study from Living the Questions, “Questioning Capital Punishment” tackles the complicated issue of the Death Penalty. Featuring Sr. Helen Prejean, one of the world’s leading authorities and outspoken critics of state-sponsored execution, each session will be from 6:30 to 8pm at The Fountains, a United Methodist Church.

  • April 20th — Session 1: Crossing the Breach
  • April 27th — Session 2: What in God’s Name?
  • May 11th — Session 3: A Change of Heart
  • May 18th — Session 4: Radical Forgiveness
  • May 25th — Session 5: Next Steps

Christians are divided on the issue of Capital Punishment. United Methodists, ELCA Lutherans, and Roman Catholics are officially opposed to the Death Penalty – but not all their members agree. The Bible is no help. It both mandates and prohibits capital punishment. Various faith traditions teach different perspectives – and the argument over the sacredness of life is immediately compromised when the death penalty is introduced.


Sister Helen Prejean, author of “Dead Man Walking”

In recent years, the application of the Death Penalty has been called into question for a growing number of ethical and moral reasons. From the botched executions in both Arizona and Oklahoma to the growing list of wrongfully convicted people exonerated due to the introduction of DNA evidence, to its unequal application among minorities, to its impact on the poor and those who can’t afford adequate legal representation, to its continued contribution to the cycle of violence, the Death Penalty needs serious questioning.

Join Rev. Adele Stiles Resmer of New Journey Lutheran and Rev. David Felten of The Fountains United Methodist for this discussion series featuring input from Sister Helen Prejean. A Roman Catholic Sister and leading advocate for the abolition of the death penalty in America, Sr. Helen has ministered to numerous inmates on death row and has authored two books based on those experiences, Dead Man Walking and The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions. 

Sessions will be in the sanctuary at The Fountains, a United Methodist Church, 15300 N Fountain Hills Blvd. Tuition for all five sessions is $20, with all proceeds going to the Death Penalty Discourse Center in New Orleans. For more information, call 480.837.7627

Easter EGG-stravanza Sunday Morning!

Looking for something fun to do with your kids on Easter morning?  How about an EGG-zillerating spEGG-tacular for the whole family? The Fountains United Methodist will be hosting an Easter EGG-stravanza from 10:15-12:30 right in your own neighborhood: 15300 N Fountain Hills Blvd (Northwest corner of Fountain Hills Blvd and Glenbrook, next to the Middle School campus).

You and your child(ren) will enjoy free food, live jazz, carnival games, a bounce house and giant inflatable slide, an Easter egg hunt, and even a visit from the Easter Bunny!

If you’re looking for something fun and memorable for the whole family this Easter morning, April 16th, make plans to stop by The Fountains — bring all your peeps!

Egg On Banner 2017

Celebrate at The Fountains Easter Sunday!

 Join us at The Fountains UMC Easter Sunday morning!

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