NOW IS THE MOMENT …a capital campaign




Now is the Moment is the capital campaign The Fountains initiated in October, 2014, and will complete October, 2017. 

Updates will be posted here, including information from the Building Committee, as well as Finance Committee reports regarding where we are on pledges and receipts. 


NITM Update Brochure – January 2016


November, 2015

We passed the 6 month mark of our three-year Now Is the Moment Campaign and want to give you an update.  Thus far we have collected $232,751 toward our total pledged of $874,069.  We received pledges from 90 families and as The Fountains continues to grow we will seek pledges from those who join in the coming months and years.  You will be able to see your NITM pledge process on your quarterly giving statements.

As a result of the funds collected thus far, we have been able to pay$66,232.80 toward the existing mortgage, leaving a balance of$258,448.03 yet to be paid to bring us to a zero balance. Once the mortgage has been paid off, the balance of the funds will be used for building the Connection Center.

Dave James has agreed to chair the NITM Building Committee; other Committee members include Jim Erickson, Sue Nelson, Larry Spade and Steve West. Beth Dyer will continue efforts over the next three years to manage NITM campaign follow-up. Sharon Shaw Elrod has agreed to continue to coordinate communication about (1) the campaign, as well as (2) progress with paying down the existing mortgage and construction of the new building.

Most important is the role of each member of The Fountains. In addition to your already demonstrated support of the capital campaign, your input about your vision and hopes and dreams for the future of The Fountains is critical to our ability to move forward as “That” church in Fountain Hills… the one who dares to try to discern the path Jesus would take as we face a multitude of life challenges every day… That church which dares to question… That church which opens doors to everyone who wants to enter and share the joy of inclusivity and acceptance and love for all people.

As one of their first steps the NITM Building Committee has established a mission statement to ensure The Fountains stays true to our commitment during the campaign to use the funds to update our beautiful campus to accommodate existing and expanded ministries.  It reads as follows:

Our mission is to prayerfully lead in the design and delivery of amultipurpose space that better serves the diverse needs of our members and the community at large. Decisions will be made in the spirit of consensus and limited by the monies entrusted to us from the congregation. The results of our efforts will be a Connection Center that demonstrates from the outside, what we preach from the inside...ALL ARE WELCOME IN THIS PLACE.

The Committee will be seeking your participation in a variety of ways. You will hear about those processes as we move through planning and implementation. We won’t all agree on every detail, but we will have common ground on the final product… a place where Open Hearts, Open Minds and Open Doors will prevail!

WATCH HERE FOR THE FOUNTAINS UMC RESPONSE TO COVID-19Information changes frequently, so be sure to check back often

The Fountains UMC is creating a plan for its response to COVID-19, with the goal of maintaining social distance to keep everyone safe. Sharing information and maintaining contact with members and the community is critical, and to that end we have several actions in process. Watch here for updates, and come back often to check on new information!

  • All in-person meetings and group gatherings on campus are supended through the end of April.
  • The Fountains UMC Office will be open by appointment only until further notice.
  • Sunday morning Celebrations are Live-Streamed at 9:30am only, no face-to-face gatherings.
  • Meals at JUSTA and Halle Centers are suspended until further notice.
  • April 24-26 Mingus Mountain All Church Camp is cancelled
Sunday Morning Celebrations

Sunday morning Celebrations will be held at 9:30 online only, via Livestream, You Tube and Facebook. Follow one of these links to tune in on Sunday mornings: