It is the mission of The Fountains to: TOUCH

Creating opportunities for the Spirit to touch the deepest parts of peoples’ lives include both the corporate element of worship and the individual element of personal spiritual disciplines.

WORSHIP People have lots of ideas about the purpose of worship – liturgy in languages one doesn’t understand, repetitive actions, correct practice, Bible teaching, honoring the Creator, or preserving songs and actions from some by-gone era. Worship means a lot of things to a lot of people. It takes on a lot of forms. None is objectively “right” or “wrong”.

The Fountains has always sought ways to create worship opportunities where people can feel the presence of God.

SPIRITUAL PRACTICES Everyone is “wired” differently spiritually. Whether it’s silent prayer and meditation to Yoga to walking a Labyrinth, each person has unique ways to connect with the divine. Part of touching people is helping them to sense that an awareness of the Spirit’s presence is available through a variety of disciplines.

At The Fountains, we help nurture a rich inner life through prayer, meditation, and intentional spiritual practice.