culbertsonsMark and Melanie Culbertson – Youth Coordinators  

Mark and Melanie met when Mark was serving as a full-time youth pastor and Melanie was serving on youth staff at another church and have been involved in ministry together since they were married in 2001. Mark has served in Nazarene churches as both youth pastor and as senior pastor. Leaving ‘full-time ministry’ to become an elementary school teacher, Mark now serves as the principal of a local elementary school and is working on his EdD in Organizational Leadership.

Over the years, Mark and Melanie have continued to serve as part-time youth ministers in various churches. They love teenagers and being on the journey with them through the challenges they go through at this time in their lives. As teens branch out to decide who they are and what they believe in, questioning and wrestling with their assumptions and the things they’ve been taught, Mark and Melanie are committed to not only creating a safe place where kids can ask questions and wrestle with their values and beliefs, but helping them feel grounded in their faith. Creating and deepening relationships helps to create the space where those questions can be asked.

Well-acquainted with the way social media and our culture is transforming the way kids communicate and relate to the world, Mark and Melanie believe that relationships lie at the root of any successful youth ministry (even if how those relationships are fostered have changed over the years).

Mark and Melanie have two awesome kids, Natalia (who is now officially a teenager and making Mark question everything he knew about youth ministry), and Noah, 9.